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Motorised Tracks for Curtains and Roman Blinds

If you’re looking to have an electric curtain or roman blinds system then you will need some motorised tracks. Motorised tracks are what allow the system to be electric, giving you the option to open or close them with the click of a button. The motorised track responds to the request and is what allows the curtains or blinds to work properly. Electric systems are perfect for any room, making opening and closing your curtains and blinds easier than ever before.

Electric curtains and roman blinds

Having electric curtains or roman blinds gives you the freedom to open or close them at a push of a button, without the need to get up and do it manually. They’re particularly useful for when you’re in a room such as your office busy doing work and need to adjust the lighting with your curtains or blinds but don’t want to disrupt what you’re busy doing by having to go over to them. Not only are they great for blocking out light, but they’re also there for privacy, and when you notice it’s getting dark outside and you want to close them up, there will no longer be a need for you to get up as you can simply close them from your seat with a motorised system.

At BrokenBlinds we are experts in electric curtains and blinds and have motorised tracks available to take your curtains or blinds from standard to electric in no time. We’ll be able to give you the motorised tracks necessary to leave you with a fully functioning electric system that works, and we’re able to fit and test these for you. They’re made bespoke so you know they’ll fit correctly, taking the guesswork out of getting your perfect curtains or blinds. We also offer servicing for electric blinds, so if you ever run into an issue we’ll be there to help. 

Quality motorised tracks that you can trust

 At BrokenBlinds we never skimp on quality. Some companies will compromise the quality in order to suit a smaller budget. We don’t believe in offering anything but the best, which is why all of our products are only of the best quality while still being available at a fantastic price. 

We only use branded systems that we know stand the test of time, through thorough testing by ourselves and feedback from our customers. We only ever want to give our customers top-quality products. 

All of the products we use have an excellent function design, with child safety, long lifetime, smart shape, and easy to use. The brands we use include Lovulite, Hunter Douglas, Benthin, and Forest.  


If you are looking for motorised tracks to give you electric curtains or roman blinds, get in touch with us by using the contact form below. Somebody from BrokenBlinds will be in touch with you as soon as possible to assist you and help you find the right product for you.


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