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Motorised Roller Blind Repair

We all love our privacy, and we all love the sunlight, especially here in the UK. And we manage to control the two things with blinds, roller blinds being the most popular choice. If you need help with your electric roller blinds repair, you’re in the right place.


As motorised roller blinds are mechanical, there’s always a possibility that you’re going to run into an issue. Rather than rushing to purchase a new set of motorised blinds, consider getting your existing ones fixed. Most often it is much more cost-effective to get your blinds fixed rather than replaced, and at Broken Blinds, we are experts in diagnosing and fixing the issue. 

Fixing your motorised roller blinds

We always work to make things easy for our customers, which is why the process of getting a quote from us is so simple. How we give you a quote will depend on the issue and complexity of damage to your blinds.

For faults that are more common with blinds, we can typically give you a diagnosis and quote for the repair if you provide us with pictures, a description of the problem, and the brand of the product. If you’re unsure of the issue or for more complex problems, we offer our complete survey and fault-finding services.

This is where we come to you and assess the blinds to get to the root cause of the problem, which will then allow us to give you an accurate quote.

Mechanism repairs or replacement

A common issue we see is that the mechanism no longer works on your motorised roller blinds and therefore needs to be replaced. If your roller blinds mechanism is compatible with our approved manufacturers, we can simply replace this for you. If the system you currently have is unreliable and not one we use, we’ll replace the entire system for you.

This means we take the fabric and move it onto a new tube and electronic mechanism, leaving you with blinds that look the same but work better and are much more reliable for the future.

Diagnosing and repairing the issue

We never compromise on quality, only ever offering the highest quality of services and leaving you with a set of blinds that look and work as good as new. As we only use branded systems that we know and trust, you can rest assured that by the time we’re finished you’ll be left with electric blinds that last.

How long the blinds take to repair is dependent on the issue we’re facing. If the problem is straightforward we may be able to sort you out in a single visit with no need to remove your blinds, and if not we’ll either take the blinds away to be fixed or be able to sort it on the next visit once the correct parts have been acquired. 


If you’re facing any issues with your motorised roller blinds, get in touch with us by using the contact form below. We’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible and get your blinds working again before you know it.


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