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Motorised Curtain Repair

Curtains are popular across the UK, and we can see why! They offer a variety of styles, designs, and lengths, giving you so much versatility to choose from for each of your rooms. Motorising them makes it easy for you to open or close them at a click of a button without even having to move from your seat.

Motorised Curtain Repairs in London

                    If you find that your motorised curtains stop working properly, it’s always important to go with a trusted expert in the area.

At Broken Blinds, we only use branded systems that we’ve put through vigorous testing to ensure our customers are left with the best quality products out there.

We make sure that when we’re done we leave you with a motorised system that not only just works for now, but one that will last.

Made To Measure Blinds

Motorised curtain services

We know it can be difficult to find the time to get issues like this sorted, especially when you work during standard business hours or have a busy schedule to work around.

That’s why at Broken Blinds we are able to provide our services during flexible hours including weekends, nights, and bank holidays.

There’s no need to stress about rearranging your calendar, instead, we make sure that we can work around your busy schedule and take the stress out of fixing your curtains.

Fixing your motorised curtains

The process starts with us giving you an accurate diagnosis of the issue and a quote for how much the work will cost.

To give you the most accurate quote possible, we ask you to provide us with information such as pictures, a description of the issue that you’ve noticed, and the brand of the product you’re using.

With this information, we’ll most likely be able to give you a diagnosis and a quote for the repair, as well as let you know if we’ll be able to complete this fix on-site or if we’ll be taking them away for repair.

Same day services you can trust

If the issue you’re facing is more complex, or you’re not sure of the problem, to give you a quote we’ll instead come out to you and give your curtains a complete survey and fault finding.

For this, we’ll come and test the curtains for you to assess what the problem may be, and then either fix the blinds the same day, take them away to be fixed, or come back on another visit to complete the work.

Some of the issues we often see with motorised curtains, that we can fix for you, include:

  • Re-programming limits, controllers, remotes
  • Repairs to carriers and runners
  • Motor replacements
  • Track replacement
  • Upgrades to controls, motors, and tracks
Made To Measure Blinds

If you’re facing an issue with your motorised curtains, get in touch with us by using the contact form below.

Somebody from Broken Blinds will be in touch with you as soon as possible to help you understand the issue at hand and offer you a quote for the work required. 


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