Conservatory Blind Maintenance | Motorised Roof Pleated

Motorised Roof Pleated Conservatory Blind Maintenance

Pleated blinds are popular amongst the public due to their sleek style but also the fact that they’re practical and block sunlight out sufficiently. Having them motorised gives you the ease and freedom to adjust the blinds as and when you need them at the click of a button. They’re a fantastic choice for roof blinds in your conservatory.

Conservatory blind maintenance

How it works

At Broken Blinds we only use the best quality brands on the market, however, we know that occasionally things can go wrong and cause your conservatory blinds to stop functioning correctly. Not only are we experts in supplying and fitting blinds, but we’re also experts in fixing them. As well as this as part of our maintenance we also offer cleaning and upgrades, restoration, or an identical replacement.


We’ll start by giving you an estimation of the cost of our services. To do this we ask you to send an email with the specific details of the issue at hand including some pictures along with a description of the problem. For smaller enquiries you can contact us by phone for an immediate quote, but if we’re unsure we’ll ask you to send some more information.

On-site quotes

If the job is larger and we are unable to give a quote over the phone or email, we’ll come over and do a survey on-site. This means we can give you a more accurate quote once we have a thorough understanding of the task at hand.


Once the quote has been agreed upon you we’ll be able to book you in at your earliest convenience for you. We’re happy to take requests for a specific time if you need, and also offer 1 to 2-hour slots depending on your location and agreed time.

Valeting service

We want to make having your blinds or curtains fixed as simple for you as possible, which is why where possible we’ll fix these for you on-site. For larger and more complex jobs we offer a valeting service as we are unable to fix these on-site. With the valeting service, we take down your conservatory blinds to collect them and take them away. We’ll transport them to our factory where the work will be done to fix the issue and we’ll ensure they’re fully functioning before returning them to you. Once the work is complete we’ll arrange a delivery date for you where we’ll re-install and do a final test.

Fixing your motorised pleated conservatory blinds

Some of the issues we often see with motorised pleated conservatory blinds, that we can fix for you, include: 


  • Re-programming limits, controllers, remotes
  • Repairs to carriers and runners
  • Motor replacements
  • Track replacement
  • Upgrades to controls, motors, and tracks

Get your bespoke motorised conservatory blinds repair quote 

If you’re facing an issue with your motorised conservatory blinds, get in touch with us by using the contact form below. Somebody from BrokenBlinds will be in touch with you as soon as possible and get your blinds working as well as new ones for you.

All the products we use have a good function design, with child safety, long lifetime, smart shape and ease of use in mind.


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