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Venetian Blinds Repair


We are specialised in blinds repairs and maintenance, and when it comes to venetian blinds repairs , either commercial or residential , we have all the knowledge to conduct a genuine and lasting repair with genuine parts and cords from stock

While for small project and basic repairs we can do the work on site , quick and uninterrupting , for medium and large project we offer a valet service ( take down and rehang on return .
We are experienced in both manual and electric venetian blinds repairs , and we can find parts even for the most unusual makes and manufacturers


Venetian Blind Repairs in London

✔ wooden
✔ metal
✔ manual or electric
✔ repairs, upgrades, replacements, cleaning

Manual Venetian Blinds Repairs

✔ Cord lock repairs and replacements
✔ Tilt mechanism repairs and replacement
✔ Restring / record
✔ Re-laddering
✔ Bent slats repairs or replacement ( subject to availability)
✔ Venetian blinds ultrasonic cleaning
✔ Re-fit new brackets or secure existing ones

Electric Venetian Blinds Repairs

✔ Re string
✔ Motor repairs or replacement
✔ Controls repairs or replacement , upgrades
✔ Re-set limits
✔ Replace or repair power source / control box
✔ Re-ladder
✔ General adjustments
✔ Downgrade to mono-control operation

As a popular choice for commercial properties, venetian blinds have a very long lifespan , especially if they are periodically maintained and cleaned . When they stop functioning , they can always be repaired , and even if sometimes the repair is more substantial, puting the cost higher, is still more efficient than replacing all the blinds in the space so they all match . For more common metal venetian blinds, exact match can be obtained, but it s more difficult for wooden or for special make ones. We offer a 2 hours slot time for on-site arrival , with an agreed notice on the day and all our technicians are very polite and professional , making sure at all times that they leave behind a satisfied customer
Please contact us or complete our inquiry form if you are interested in venetian blinds, and you will be contacted by one of colleagues in less than 8 hours!
Eco Friendly

Eco friendly

We are happy to announce that we are the proud users of an fully electric van and expecting to purchase a second one very shorlty.

We use 100% natural extract products for blinds cleaning, and we use ultrasonic machine mostly.
WE THINK GREEN both on site and on our logistics, because we are committed to contribute to a cleaner environment and deliver only ecological goods and services.
We contribute every day to reduce landfill waste by repairing and cleaning blinds and curtains around Greater London and find new ways every day to contribute more to do our bit for nature.