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By far our favourite blinds for homes (please don’t tell the other blinds). Voile, blackout, standard, with border or hidden pockets, on a corded batten, on a chain track or motorised, we love them all.


Although roman blinds look the same in the front, they have 3 different types of mechanisms that operate them properly, and depending on the system, there are different ways to go forward with the blinds repairs.

Cord Operated Roman Blind Repairs

These are classic roman blinds fitted on a wooden batten or on a cord operated track.

Possible Repairs:
re string
re attach metal rings
repair damaged edges
 replace runners , acorns
install child safety cleats

Chain Track operated Roman Blinds Repair

These are operated by a chain operated track, and they are of 2 types- tapes and strings.

Possible Repairs :
chain repair/ replacement
repair/ replace mechanism
re cord / restring / re tape
replace / repair spools and gear mechanism
re adjust spools and cords so the roman blind pulls up even


The roman blinds tracks that are operated by tapes usually brake when the tape starts going twisted into the spool, and that cause the spool to get clogged and block the whole track all together.
We do retape roman blinds but we don t offer any warranty on this type of tracks , what we usually advise customers is to replace the track with a HH string operated metal tracks, with a 2 year warranty and a 12 years lifespan.

Operating chain repairs or replacement
We also investigate the reason the chain broke, if is just a poor quality chain or there s something else inside the roman blinds mechanism that caused the chain to break. We only use quality stainless-steel chain from recognized suppliers.

Lining repairs or replacement
Lining caught in the window handler and broke? No problem. We can re-line it for you with a like for like colour and texture, so you blind still blends in.

Record, restring, retape
Done on site for small projects, roman blinds restring also includes an overall check and further adjustments.

Roman blinds upgrade to chain operated tracks
If you had enough of pulling the cords all the time, then tye them around a cleat 9 times until they stay up, it s time to give yourself a treat. Chain operated tracks are very easy to use, just pull the chain and et go. the blinds go up and down to desired level and stay there.
Plus there is no more friction on the cords, therefore the lifespan of the blind increases up to 6 times.

Roman blinds tracks repairs or replacement
The tracks keep breaking? maybe they are not of the best quality or they have a design flow. Replacing the track will not change the appearance of your roman blinds, but it will work much better for a much longer time.

Electric roman blinds repairs
Restring, reset motors, re-adjust, split channels, re-set limits.


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