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Roller Blind Repairs

We know roller blinds repairs inside out, from popular big manufacturers to the very exclusive ones. We stock their parts, we know their designs, their pros and cons and we repair them every time. Those roller blinds will work like brand new after the Broken Blinds touch, sometimes we even make them better than the original.


We all love our privacy, and we all love the sunlight, especially here in the UK. And we manage to control the two things using blinds, roller blinds being the most popular choice. You can get mass-produced ones online, or you can have them custom made, quality unique blinds, just for your space. The number of suppliers is ridiculously high but what happens when they stop functioning, due to misuse or just wear and tear? Get in touch, we are here to help!

Mechanism repairs or replacement

We will replace your roller blinds mechanism if compatible with our approved manufacturers. Or we will offer you to replace the whole system if what you have is not reliant.

That means we take the fabric and move it on a new tube, mechanism, brackets and metal chain. Your roller blinds will look the same but work better.

Just with the touch of roller blinds repairs prodigies.

Made To Measure Blinds

What We Work With

Chain Repairs or Replacement

If your chain breaks, we can easily replace it with our stainless-still genuine metal chain. We would also check the mechanism for faults, as sometimes that triggers the chains to break.

Fabric Repairs or Replacement
  • So one of your 21 matching roller blinds got stained and damaged. Don’t worry!
  • Any damaged fabric can be replaced with an identical one ( if it’s still available we will find it ). This way all the blinds in the space are matched again
  • We can also replace it with any of our 4500 fabrics. We use the existing system to install new fabric – the result is a new blind at half the price.
Fabric Readjustments

Whenever a roller blind goes up on a side it s the beginning of the end, unfortunately. Unless the fabric is readjusted straight on the tube, so it rolls even at all times, that fabric will get damaged in time.

Bottom Bar Repairs or Replacement

The roller blind will not function properly if the bottom bar has fallen or is hanging on aside. Let s re-attach it properly and move on.

Manual to motorised upgrades
We can fit a motor to your manual blind. Battery or mains powered, will have a life of its own at the touch of a button.

Motorised to manual downgrades
Bad design? Not practical on this occasion? We come around, take the motor out and fit a chain operated mechanism on your blind. Tadam!

Move fabric on a new system where the system is not reliable or obsolete
Have you been sold a roller blind that is hard to operate or breaks regularly? Installing the same one won’t make any difference. Let s switch the fabric onto a new reliable one, with a long warranty and longer life.
Spring-assisted rollers repairs

Did your builders take them down and struggled to put them back? Have the roller blinds lost tension? To the rescue, we come. We will re-tension and adjust. If broken we can replace it with our Eclipse soft rise spring assist system. Let the fun begin!
Electric roller blinds repairs
Remote not handling the roller blinds anymore? Is the motor making a weird sound? Let the roller blinds repairs specialist take over. Reprogrammed, reset limits, compatible motors replacements from stock, upgrades to quicker smoother motors.


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